Entry #1

Hello there

2014-08-05 09:58:35 by skywhaler

So I grew up with newgrounds as a consumer, but I have no clue how this site works as a producer. So this might be the wrong place to put this information, but here's a bit about me:

I'm a 19 year-old self-taught artist, currently out of school and out of work. I mainly make movies, both live action and animated. If you ask me, I'm a good writer, but pretty much everybody else says it's the visuals I'm good at. Whether that means I'm a terrific visual artist or just a bad writer is beyond me. It's a mystery, really, where my talents lie. So check my stuff out and try figuring it out for yourself. Also share with your friends so they can help you crack the code. I'll give you a clue - my main talent is certainly not subtltety in self-advertisement.

Things I've been known to do: Drawing. Animating. Voice Acting. Making stuff up. Having a lot of opinions about the plausibility of various fictional aliens. Making up aliens. Liking linguistics. Saying a few phrases in Russian. Knowing a lot of pretentious film terminology. Knowing a lot of pretentious terminology in general.

Alright that's about it.


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2014-08-07 21:32:17

You seem to be good at comedy :)


2014-08-07 21:36:06

I like ya XD


2014-08-10 22:56:08

You are a true underdog and i am glad i found you here, on Newgrounds :)
+1 fan = 91 fans ;P


2014-08-12 04:14:09

Found you because of the Evangelion Parody on the front page.

I laughed my ass off.

Keep up the good work.


2015-01-22 09:44:43

The campaign manager is also my favorite character, i want to see more of it!

skywhaler responds:

They'll be making a guest appearance a few episodes into my next series.


2015-01-22 09:51:19

Also i don't get the visual joke of Gyorg being stuck on the broken washing machine. Because that was Gyorg right? that was a really distinctive fish...

skywhaler responds:

Yup! The ending montage was a lot clearer in its purpose in the first draft, but essentially that shot was meant to call back to the beginning of part 3, when Ferg warned the house would be full of bad jokes. Each of the elements shown in the house are similar to the costumes of the main characters; a "scoopy" silverware collection, the Interdimensional Mediator dressed as Hulk Hogan, and the ghost of Gyorg Washingmachineton. The kids were wrecking the place because coming face to face with an external manifestation of the shittiness of their senses of humor challenged their egos. Except for Ferg, who was reasonable enough to put her ego to the side and actually watch for the bunny person.

So yeah Gyorg = George, I probably overexplained that idk.


2015-01-23 09:09:03

I see i was so surprised by seeing that boss that i ignored the visual pun it all makes sense now! but then were/what was Ferg disguise counterpart?


2015-01-24 00:56:02

Your animations make me laugh so much haha! I'm so glad I've been watching you or I would have missed part 3 of the dweeb cartoon (cracked me up!) Nice work man, please keep up your animations, they have a real neat style and unique sense of humor that you just don't here that often :)